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Client: Chopin Vodka

Agency: Clarity Coverdale Fury

Art Director: Simon McQuoid

Designer: Heather Cooley

Copywriter: Richard Overall

Print Producer: Terri Herber

Photographer: Tomasz Wierzejski

B&W Illustrator: Bill Cook


The objective of this project for Chopin Vodka was to simulate an aged letterpress manuscript.  I started with B&W line drawings. First the eagle had a slight debossing technique applied to it, creating a watermark effect, and laid upon a piece of aged parchment paper. The same technique was then applied to the type. The type and eagle illustration were subtly broken up to simulate the fade of the aging process.  Afterwards,  to emulate the paper gage of a vintage photograph, the photo was combined with a weathered postcard.  Finally, photo tabs were added for the finishing touches of authenticity.



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