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  • We have extensive and personal contacts with high quality suppliers in China
  • We have a staff of quality control inspectors who will inspect your product before it leaves the factory
  • We work with the best transportation companies to assure your product will be delivered directly to your door anywhere in the U.S. in a reasonable time frame and at the lowest cost possible
  • We work with experts who can handle all the government importing regulations and procedures
  • We have the negotiating skills and a record of success, which will obtain the lowest cost possible for you
  • We have extensive expertise in Sourcing, Procurement and Supply-Chain systems and procedures that can be an invaluable benefit to your organization
  • We specialize in working with small and medium sized companies
  • We will have products manufactured to your specifications and delivered to your door, packaged as you desire
  • We will give you the personal attention you expect and the savings you deserve!

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Doc's Imports Is Your Solution!
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