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Dr. Virgil Weideman, President and Managing Director of Doc's Imports, has a Masters in Business Administration and Management and a Doctorate in Management/Strategic Planning.Dr. Weideman has over 20 years of experience sourcing products in Southeast Asia with extensive experience in China. Before starting Docs Imports, he was Director of International Sourcing for a U.S. based, multi-national corporation.

Through his many years of dealing with Chinese companies, Dr. Weideman has developed suppliers that produce a wide variety of products of excellent quality at very low prices. In addition, he has a network of local Chinese and Taiwanese multi-lingual manufacturing experts that work with Chinese factories. These sourcing and quality experts can tap a vast array of Chinese factories that would not be able to deal directly with U.S. companies because of their lack of English language skills.

Dr. Weideman has a reputation of delivering the highest quality products to his customers at the lowest possible prices!

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