Client: 3M

Agency: Riley Hayes

Art Director: Brent Swanson

Copywriter: Jay Walsch

Print Producer: Kim May

Photographer: Bob Weideman

Retoucher / Illustrator: Bob Weideman

Animation: Brian Westimeier / Roketchair

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This project for 3M needed to show that things made of this special plastic are much lighter. The art director wanted to have cars flying and refrigerators being carried off by dandelion seeds.

Bob photographed a model car, silk butterflies and the print producer's refrigerator. This needed to be both a print ad and a flash movie for 3M's web site. Bob kept the cars and butterfly wings on separate layers so the flash developer could animate the wings. He illustrated the dandelion seeds with the refrigerators on separate layers so they could fly through the air.



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